PushPin Art

Push Pin Art. It's not glamerous, it wont sell for millions at Southeby's, and it certainly will not be hanging on Warren Buffet's walls (Dilbert's, maybe!), but we all love it. Finally, here is a site for all you Push Pin Picassos to exhibit your own masterpieces! Feel free to browse through our "on-line gallery" of Push Pin Art from around the world.

Friday, November 10, 2006

More Pin themed art! These works are by a talented artist from the UK named Melvin Galapon, and was his contribution to the Notting Hills Art Club in 2005. Dont be decieved by it's apparent simplicity - it takes a keen eye and excellent imagination to take ordinary pins and fashion them into a work of art. Cheers to Melvin, and here is hoping that we see more works from him showing up on PushPin Art.....he's a veritable Pincasso!
You can check out his web-page at http://www.mynameismelvin.co.uk/

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Push-Pins as art - never thought of that one! This is a computer illistration of a proposed sculpture for the waterfront of the City Davenport, Iowa - a jumbo Push Pin marking the intersection of the Mississippi River Trail in Davenport and the American Discovery Trail across River Drive from the soon-to-be-completed Bechtel-Lincoln Public Park. You are here! I thought it was a great idea - too bad that it got quashed......

Now this is Art! Somebody with an SNES and a little too much time on their hands. It makes me want to put away my XBOX 360 and hookup my SNES. Found this on willyspankit.livejournal.com/141825.html - i'd love to get ahold of more of John's work.....we could have a virtual art exhibition of his works!

This Pac Man Wall is amazing! What a great idea - go big or go home. This must have taken some planning - some of those lines are too well aligned. The prize in the center is too hard for me to make out, but can anybody tell me what level he is on from the image?

Friday, July 28, 2006

When i googled puch pin art, suprisingly enough it did not come up with links to any find art galleries....is this stuff too "outsider" or "avant-garde"? I think not - just wrong crowd! You will probably find the artists hanging around video arcades...........

The image that started it all! It gave me the idea that this great form of art needs to be promoted. It was found in the cubicle of a large Tech. Company here in Waterloo (company ommited to protect the artist!) CANADA ROCKS!!!!! This flag though, needs some serious work......